Premier Miton
Multi-Asset Seminar

Kimpton Blythswood Square
Hotel, Glasgow

Wednesday 4 March 2020

08:30 - 12:30

Investing for the future

Premier Miton’s 2020 multi-asset seminars are designed to give you investment insights to help you plan for the future.

You and your clients face an ever-broadening range of challenges, including regulatory demands, economic, investment and political uncertainty, and increasing focus on the cost and the need to demonstrate value delivered.

Through sessions featuring members of Premier Miton's multi-asset investment teams and an external speaker, our seminars are designed to make you better informed about the investment landscape and how Premier Miton's new no-cost digital portal plus information and support, can help your business and clients.


Life is harder now

Mark Polson, Founder, the lang cat and Mike Hammond, Business Development Director, Premier Miton

Driving diversified returns

Neil Birrell, CIO and Fund Manager, Premier Miton

New multi-asset fund focus: Premier Managed Index Solutions

Wayne Nutland, Head of Managed Index Solutions

Generating an attractive yield in a low yield world

David Jane, Fund Manager; MI Miton Cautious Monthly Income Fund

A pup’s life

Simon Evan-Cook, Fund Manager


08:30 Arrivals, registration and light breakfast

Welcome address and introduction

Mike Hammond, Business Development Director, Premier Miton


Responsible investing; Helene Winch, Head of Responsible Investing, Premier Miton


Mark Polson, Founder, the lang cat

Mike Hammond, Business Development Director, Premier Miton

In this session, Mark will look at how firms have changed their investment propositions over the last year based on fresh research, and look at the regulatory direction of travel for firms as they get used to operating in the new regulatory environment. It will be more fun than it sounds.


Neil Birrell, CIO and Fund Manager

Premier Miton's five Diversified funds are actively managed multi-asset portfolios of direct holdings in company shares and bonds together with alternative investments, including property.

Neil will discuss what has driven investment returns, the team’s current investment outlook, opportunities in different asset classes, managing risk and return in an expected low return and high volatility environment, and current portfolio positioning.

10:10 Break

Wayne Nutland, Head of Managed Index Solutions

This session will cover an introduction to Premier Miton’s new low cost multi-asset solution, the Premier Managed Index Balanced Fund. The fund will be actively managed across asset classes, using index-tracking investments.

Wayne was previously the Senior Fund Manager and Head of Discretionary for the UK multi-asset team at HSBC Global Asset Management and is a highly experienced managed index multi-asset portfolio manager. He will discuss the role and value of active management in building managed index, multi-asset portfolios, and will examine and analyse the range of traditional and non-traditional beta allocation investments available, making this type of low cost multi-asset solution a compelling investment proposition.


David Jane, Fund Manager; MI Miton Cautious Monthly Income Fund

With bond yields at unprecedented lows and equity markets near all-time highs, David will explain how he generates an attractive and sustainable yield for income seeking investors in an ultra-low interest rate environment, from a diversified multi-asset portfolio with a cautious investment approach.


Simon Evan-Cook, Fund Manager

Simon Evan-Cook takes a look at what investments have worked well over the last decade, and what might work well over the next. In doing so, he questions what risks are being built into clients’ portfolios, and what damage these might cause in the coming years.

12:00 Summary
12:10 Buffet lunch


The conference will take place at Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel, Glasgow.

11 Blythswood Square
G2 4AD
United Kingdom
0141 248 8888